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May 6, 2011

post Cinco de Mayo

by jhon baker

After the intense celebration where I could be found only at my home with a massive headache that lasted the day and has driven me to be reflective and down today. May have been the night time dreaming or the ghost walking down the corridor that reaches to pet the dead grey cat who groans loudly in the night.
Today, flowers and slaughtered farm raised cattle.
there ought to be a law against me
walking down the street
special made shoes to correct gait and cane to fend off pavement when it comes rushing at me at terminal velocity.
Piano lessons tonight and we have been or practiced in three weeks. Death is the distraction that occupies my state of usual or unusual being.

In twenty minutes I am going to get my tractor and prepare it to mow the lawn, sharpen blades and I always think of sling blade, connect the deck and watch the birds eat the seed meant to green my lawn. There is nothing better than the green lawn on which we do not walk barefoot in worry of the raccoon leavings which can transmit ringworm.

don’t you love my baby?

May 6, 2011

Seis de Mayo

by jhon baker

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo yesterday I wanted a BLT but had chicken instead.
get it get it get it???

bad joke and I am not up on my game at the moment.

Illinois failed to pass a law legalizing the right of the citizens to protect themselves from harm. All criminals rejoice at the easy pickings! Also, it is an estimated 40 million that the state would have seen in increased revenue from the licensure alone over the next two years. A state going broke turns down revenue by three votes and once again Chicago is the cock block.
better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.

1. the bending of steel
a love of hard liquor.
rifles, shotguns, pistols
men were bound by
thinner threads then these.
2. hammering to form
a love of hard liquor.
rifles, shotguns, pistols
man’s bind was broken by
thinner threads than these.
3. the fine blade
the eyes and body move
of a naked dancing muse.
man’s mind was broken by
thinner threads than these
 – Hoc Scripsi
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