as a side note

by jhon baker
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as a poet I am venerable,
I cry.
close my eyes tight.
I am not weak.
vulnerability is not a weakness nor a reflection of weakness.
I defy any human who fails to see my strength,
with my toothy bared teeth,
my child’s smile,
my care free
turn of daffodils and dandelions.
I do not recite the Lord’s prayer,
I am a poet,

I shall be beatified,

I have my own.
 – Hoc Scripsi – a mediation on Saul Williams and his expressions
as an aside and I hate to put this here:
support your favorite poets…

4 Comments to “as a side note”

  1. The child's smile…..that is strength

    Lovely words here Sir Jhon..quite lovely indeed.

  2. “venerability is not a weakness nor a reflection of weakness.”
    Not even close to weakness!

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