Magpie #57 – spontaneous from prompted poetry

by jhon baker

wanting the birds to sing in winter,

I stoop to pet a plant
inadvertantly knocking over the light fixture.

I miss every painting I’ve ever sold.

 – Hoc Scripsi

Image Courtesy of Magpie Tales #57

8 Comments to “Magpie #57 – spontaneous from prompted poetry”

  1. Spontaneous can be very interesting.

  2. I never actually sold any of my paintings, but I've always pondered the feelings I might have.

  3. great opening line Jhon…

  4. enjoy your take.
    subjective and pleasant one.

  5. This is fantastic. Glad that I can up on your work!

  6. Beauty held is the heart of painting…to let it pass forever leaves an empty space….you remind here of it…bkm

  7. I liked the whimsy of it…

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