by jhon baker

I never wanted to be a poets poet.
I strive to write for people, caring far more for the connection to a garbage handler.
tonight I feel the sting from the absence.
I am going to bed now and hoping to sleep and awaken in a different light.

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prize fighter
I am not a fighter;
never been.
writing poetry and
            an unknown
carrying notebooks,
pencils in back pockets
while looking so aggressive,
 – hoc Scripsi

10 Comments to “”

  1. hell, yeah. (*amen* is probably more appropriate, but that's just not my 'thing' ;))

    thank you for that…and yes…to gather the fragments of life…

    hope you slept well…

  2. You're a contender with pencils and words.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how real your poetry is Jhon. Simple eloquence.

  4. you are a writer with smart thoughts.

  5. You are a wonderful contradiction. I think you would punch a poet's poet in the neck…

  6. A poet's poet is a selfish person I think, who writes only for himself and no other. I like poets who reach out towards others in an effort to make a connection.

  7. Love the 'unknown contradiction' line!

  8. This is a good poem. What people see, and what we are, often are quite different.

  9. I like the idea of carrying around pencil and paper. Very nice.

  10. hoping to sleep and awaken in a different light

    Isn't this what we all do, every night? LOL 🙂

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