by jhon baker

I am not prepared for October to be over yet – and I won’t be in two days either. Yesterday was October 1st and there was a month to go with a concert or two intertwined – once concert down and another tomorrow night, then rain on Halloween – all seven kids (including my own) will be sorely disappointed. In November and December I am told that there is something going on every weekend that I have to be a part of and most of it happens at my house. – it was appropriate to tell me this Halloween weekend as it scared me naked.

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  1. What..nekkid.. no pic? Just kidding
    Happy Halloween…Boo!!

  2. I went as shocked (or was that drunk?) naked guy one year… Oddly though, people were not terribly appreciative. The coloured swirly lights sure were pretty though.

  3. I had a friend that always said he wanted to be put into a coma the day before Halloween and not come out of it until the day after Valentine's day…

  4. Lynne, I have one but the lights are off and there was no flash – only if you're interested.
    Rabbit – HA!you should have charged money then they would have thought it was theater.
    Pat, I didn't know we knew each other once.

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