hide the medicine bottle, lest the neighbors find out

by jhon baker

I struggle to not hear the voices and focus on the line, the word, the work, the breath, the moment, the standard passing of time and deliverance from this lifers bondage.

I hold the key, juggling it out from one hand to the other and the intermediate pocket but still cannot find the door from where I came in.

oblivion, yes oblivion and we hang. ticking ticking absent from our mortal clock  in which the hours pass by and days and days are numbered lest remembered filtered through our hopes, dreams of what was and what should have been.

but this is me and without the medication to narrow my path focused on the reality that is elsewhere or nowhere or invented by Eli Lilly and company in some board room and experimental lab where test tubes are filled with patients like me.

our subject may be queer in the head, our subject may be recognized to be not there, filling time time time always time in notes and sufferings small and individual expressed out in letters scatters around America or larger, the world.


9 Comments to “hide the medicine bottle, lest the neighbors find out”

  1. jhon … your words are so strong and bold even when you write vulnerable…

  2. jhon-
    your genius is palpable..i literally can touch your words and feel your pulse beat within each syllable..the line is under your fingerprint..feel it?
    i send you blessings of strength/balance/joy…

  3. Your opening line is so powerful and really gets to the heart of the matter.

  4. Simply inspiring in a complex way…

  5. hey, can i plagarize my own words here.. my comment ..lines in there have been brewing all day and i want to lay them in a small poem..mind?

  6. Anthony, Kevin, Lynne, Alan – thank you for the great compliments.
    Lynne – They're your words, not mine. Permission not needed. Can't wait to read it!

  7. Jhon, I love this collection of words. Powerful images.

  8. I really liked this one Jhon. Enjoy your party today! I wish I was there…

    Good old Eli Lily.
    I spoke to him today, or should I say he spoke to me. Twice before breakfast and once after lunch. I'll speak to him again after dinner, and twice before bedtime as well.

  9. I never finished my post.
    I was quoting from one of my own poems…
    I think I'm going to post it soon.

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