Streetlamp desperation

by jhon baker

we move back and forth, swaying – we move. we are not barnacles – darting out but concrete in place, the tides affect us and coffee awakens us. we move, together or solitarily our tides effect the ocean we wax and wane, grow and become substantial – shrink and become embittered, embattled. It is our narrative.

for me writing is a solitary art, I cannot go into cafes or restaurants and write, I cannot have company at all and produce at a rate any faster than the raccoons under my porch hunt in the daytime. The exception would be a bustling cafe where the noise reaches an apex that become a humm, analogous to the noise that my brain produces in silence –  there is anonymity then and in place you are alone without social contact unless you will it or welcome it. Restaurants always have the server to interrupt and they unequivocally hate it when someone sits there and writes no matter how good the tip is or how short the visit is. the perception is always of the wanna be beat emo clown who nurses coffee for hours believing that they alone are granted rights of intrusion into another persons livelihood. So I normally sit in a small room at the back of the house, where the walls are a dominating red, where there is a couch in case I get tired, where there are my books in case I want to pretend I have laurels to rest upon, I don’t.
I’ve chosen to go back through my poets – from Sappho to J. Milton and maybe find the right right muse to alleviate me from this consistent creative drought – but maybe I ought to go into the mountains or get lost in the desert. I would bring along WCW or Ignato because bringing along either Huxley or Morrison would be less a learning experience and more an exercise in imitation.

I am having trouble finding an end to this narrative so here’s a photo.

3 Comments to “Streetlamp desperation”

  1. my words seem to have taken up residence in someone else's garage. i feel ya on this one.

    Despite the circumstances of the write, it is very well done…

  2. I think I said this before, but…
    Even the way you wrote this is VERY good. It's not all about poetry for you. You are a damn good writer, period.

    By the way,
    I finished your book while I was on my trip. I loved it! You got some heavy duty skills my friend…

  3. I share your preference for writing as a solitary pursuit. I just can't concentrate with people around.

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