slowing down also known as writers block

by jhon baker

a creative drought and slowing down. I’ve always hated the term writers block because I am not blocked by anything – especially writers. More than that I am simply not writing well lately which this triggers the fear that I will not write well ever again and have I ever written well. My version of writers blockade is that the ideas may come and there are no words to accompany it, no way in so I bite my bottom lip and try but even the typing is off and uninspired.
the last poem I wrote – the last thing of any value that I had written was a short poem that talks about fingering the muse – maybe I’ve offended the inspiration by thinking too much of my work and not enough of the source. Today’s poem is not that poem. Today’s was written at a point of high creativity – when the muse was working overtime and would wear me out daily, like a good lover or construction labor.

too lax to title

fuck you.
I’m tired, 

it was nthing
or something
                           I forget
Like I said
Fuck you,
I am not working anymore tonight
not for you or anyone
I’m too god damned tired
and sore
I can feel the plate
it’s sickening
watching you squirm when
I type out –
you’re wearing the wrong
size underwear

I will not write
           for you

   I am too fucking worn
from the day.

pt. 2

of course I lie.
I’m tired
like a man after a days
and you know whatitslike
all fucking day

   so, goodnight love.
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
Let’s do it again tomorrow.

One Comment to “slowing down also known as writers block”

  1. that is effen awesome.. writers block..ach i despise that word.. your brain is merely gearing up for the big bang..ride it and we'll be here waiting..

    but hell, even when you write about nothing to write about it's awesome..

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