Karl Marx spends today dead

by jhon baker

Karl Marx – revolutionary, author or pamphlets, economist and historian, an important figure to the history of man, an important name to begin many arguments between people who have probably never read said pamphlet.
Karl you are dead now but if you weren’t someone or someones would be breaking the copyright treaties and singing you happy birthday on live television probably, but maybe radio. That will not be me. I think it may happen even in death – China would be the place as there is no copyright treaty there or if there is, they don’t give a shit about it.
that is my chat about Marx this morning.

I am interested in the argument or the overall agreement of politics and art. Found this argument or agreement over at HTML and found the phrase  – ‘Art without politics is inconsequential.’ – Wow I said – I think that statement is huge and wholly incorrect. I believe art can only be about beauty and the reader/viewer/listener can apply whatever they wish to a piece. All good art renders some consequence and art about beauty or the bystander witness to anything certainly has importance, impact and other ‘i’ words but is by no means inconsequential. Once you make the definition of a word like politics so full of breadth it loses any potential meaning and is rendered useless but the poet.
If you’ve never seen beauty rendered so perfectly to your eyes/ears than I would suggest obtaining new eyes/ears.

Today’s poem does not lack the broader definition of politics.
Hey, listen. I’ve placed this one in this blog before but that was awhile ago and this morning I altered it when utilizing it elsewhere. So here it is again… 


pen made in Japan.
 paper in Italy.
  thoughts from Africa.
these hands from Spain.

I was born with knowledge,
baptized a Lutheran.
yesterday I was an African tribal Priest;
this morning I am an American Buddhist.

these are my interracial writings –
give love to all my brothers and sisters.

 – Hoc Scripsi

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