mondaymorningnotenoughcoffee yetandthecomputerisbroken

by jhon baker

Just a note this morning as I must run out to bring the iMac to the doctor and I have to leave in about fifteen minutes.
Tainted Love Poems has kindly appointed me an Officer Poet in their FB organization. now I have Officer Poet and the Buddha with Bullets as monikers. I like them both as my appointed titles in the wider world of the internet.
I wish I had more to say this morning and that there isn’t more is okay.
My tiredness (each blink lasts several seconds) withstanding this mornings strong elixer regardless of the fact that I have to leave in about fifteen minutes.

 These are not-haiku

stepping over fallen leaves
and dismantled watches
making sure not to stumble

night and day
     arrive then depart
each casually

softened voices,
      wind travels easily  
through old trees

 – Hoc Scripsi

Later may grant me more to say. Later may have the main computer repaired without erasing the volume structure. Later may contain the multitudes of universe. Later is time ad infinitum. I always know that later will have poetry in it if I can only find a way in.

Later        Later        Later       Later       Later       Later

UPDATE on the main computer and the volume structure. Total failure and fatal errors… a new hard drive is in order. Luckily I have everything backed up on an external hard drive, luckily this went correct or mostly correct today.

I didn’t know that later I was going to have to shoot a dying animal. I didn’t know that later would contain these multitudes.
Later still my water will be shut off for 12 hours, later I will be applying for a job after not working for almost 4 years. It’s part time and will help pay for my obsessions – no obsessions and no job, how else am I suppose to stay engaged?

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One Comment to “mondaymorningnotenoughcoffee yetandthecomputerisbroken”

  1. the poet goes to speak but all that manages is the utterance of a yawn.

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