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May 6, 2011

post Cinco de Mayo

by jhon baker

After the intense celebration where I could be found only at my home with a massive headache that lasted the day and has driven me to be reflective and down today. May have been the night time dreaming or the ghost walking down the corridor that reaches to pet the dead grey cat who groans loudly in the night.
Today, flowers and slaughtered farm raised cattle.
there ought to be a law against me
walking down the street
special made shoes to correct gait and cane to fend off pavement when it comes rushing at me at terminal velocity.
Piano lessons tonight and we have been or practiced in three weeks. Death is the distraction that occupies my state of usual or unusual being.

In twenty minutes I am going to get my tractor and prepare it to mow the lawn, sharpen blades and I always think of sling blade, connect the deck and watch the birds eat the seed meant to green my lawn. There is nothing better than the green lawn on which we do not walk barefoot in worry of the raccoon leavings which can transmit ringworm.

don’t you love my baby?

May 4, 2011

quatro de mayo

by jhon baker

excessively well medicated right now and should be falling over asleep or sleep blogging but certainly not awake.

correction to yesterdays post about flying – it was four planes in 48 hours – 47 to be more precise. knocks the hell out of a person when it is not an accustomed commute.

eyes open and hearing the doors swing, footsteps and almost out of cigarettes – they never think of the mentally aberrant when they tax the hell out of cigarettes, or they think were too crazy to make rational decisions in which case they price them out of reach.

there’s a little girl in the hall and I never know what to make of her.

I’ve smoked one brand my entire smoking career and now find myself switching to a slightly more expensive and slightly more imported brand. Nicer packaging and easier to store cartons.

This is hardly a reason to continue smoking.

a razors blade. one of the hands on my watch fell off, tumbling around behind the crystal attempting the clockwork.

May 3, 2011

ah, I have a follower

by jhon baker

Pleased to meet you here, what is a beautiful young lady like yourself doing hanging out in a place like this?

– hold on while I go slightly insane.

early morning and have yet to get enough sleep – still recovering from loss and jet lag – four planes in three days. Sounds like a lot when you put it that way – we were only going one way but had to have a layover, well, you follower know this – you were there – suffering the blight that is air travel. I was searched, as always, and put a pleasant expression on my face as I was being felt up by old men while thinking  – it must be the beard. But that wouldn’t explain why I always get searched – even as a child going to Disney World before I was perceived as a terrorist in the eyes of a beard hating public and Will Ferrell. This is why I stopped carrying my Mala – too many questions and looks, since my imagination is good I can perceive always having one.

WHile we are on terrorism – I fear Osama’s replacements zealousness more than I feared Osama.

Peace be upon all Muslims as I am sure they are getting more hell right now.

May 2, 2011

by jhon baker

slept a full night last night – first time in a long time. Exhausted by emotion, exhausted by travel, exhausted by baring my soul, and dreaming.

December 26, 2010


by jhon baker

I was hoping to make it to at least three-hundred posts this year – I feel as though that this goal is unattainable at this point without posting around forty posts that would normally have been one.

Just having come in from snow throwing the drive and having my two stage 44″ thrower break it’s second stage, I am fit for a nap. I didn’t wake up all that early today but also didn’t sleep well at all last night. Such as it is and this is normal.

I ran out of cigarettes last night and this was nothing – Kara had some and dutifully went out after we finished the drive to procure some more for me.

My desk is piled with crap that I am not sure what to do with – except for the property tax bills. Those I have to pay. The other bills I wait for them to send about three notices with at least one stamped in red before I can be bothered to write the check. Then I pay using the stub from the first bill they sent. Especially if there is a late fee attached. There is, however, a new computer mouse which isn’t a mouse at all but the Apple track pad. Considering the state of my desk – I think have a mouse that doesn’t need to move around is going to enable my lack of desire for a cleaner and orderly desk.

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eating dinner by
two candle power
& glasses of water like

goblets of wine
between us,
we eat slowly,

laugh heartily
and are only drowning

in concern

clean skin, made
beautiful by artificial

 – Hoc Scripsi 
it has been recommended to me that I post a bit about why I sign my poetry with the “Hoc Scripsi” – I think I will do this soon. 
If you have any other posting suggestions I would love to hear them – I may ignore them until I don’t or all together but you never know. 
now to…
drink some OJ right out of the bottle,
step outside to smoke and turn my lungs a shade darker,
lay down in bed and nap badly until I am rustled awake,
dream of once again dancing a jig…
By the way – I never changed any names… 
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