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November 20, 2012

once this happened – pt 1

by jhon baker

There is little I want to write. That is a lie. There is a lot I want to write with no ideas of where to start. Looking for the in and cross wire of the brain athwart the limbic inhibitors, the shorted fuse of creation.


once this happened:


while at work

in the backroom

I heard the opening air of Nina Simone

singing ‘Lilac Wine’ and fell in love.

I wept openly listening and made record of singer and song.

going out that night I bought her catalog

and weep still every time I hear her voice.


this is unrelated:


My throat blisters from the burned soy in four shots of espresso.

I write the best when I am clear minded and mood stable.


I am having an off day, if I were more able I would spend the day in bed and slumber it away but cannot.

but that was the other day and this is a different odd day where nothing of much import is happening.

But here is a poem.


tenuous best


three thirty comes on too fast

echoing distant

distant heard

the world the way it is

tenuous best

mark of a truth

scorned, proffered

alone in a room


and you think Allen Ginsberg had it tough

writing, holy beard hanging down

poems about cock, assholes

poems about plutonium bombs


at least Jeffers offered his Judas

who suffered, agon

meant to be played out, on stage

offering to the thousands.


– Hoc Scripsi

April 19, 2012


by jhon baker

to post or not to post – that is the question. Or rather the question is energy and ideas – an abundance of those and I’d be posting like I use to.

My nephew is going through his own ennui with posting and it reminded me that I haven’t had an original post in some time. So I thought I would post nothing today just so the three of you know that I am breathing.

I’ve had a few conversations on the subject of Haiku poetry and its form lately. Those of us in the know and out of school tend toward avoiding the 5-7-5 American grade school requirement but adhere to the guide of what each line ought to represent.

first line – kigo – the seasonal reference – very important

second line – the moment as it is

third line – the satori or ah ha moment.


This is freeing and simultaneously restricting as one should always avoid the obvious…

mid spring

writing a haiku

and it is bad


– but rather –


cherry blossoms

decayed and floating

whose illusion?


it isn’t much better but you get the idea.

On poetry and Haiku – it isn’t well hidden that I regard the vast majority of poetry to be total crap that should have never graced the page it was written on but maybe less well known is that I hate 99% of Haiku. Yes, I am an opinionated bastard. I should add that I believe that everyone who wants to write poetry ought to but not share it with the world until they’ve been doing it long enough to know that most of it is crap – I call this taste. Haiku is different, a little. You should wait to share it with others until you have written 10,000 of them. I’ve written well over that but have only ever shared about 20 – and those I question.

Art is for the creator when done and kept private – art is done for the creator only in the act of creation, when we wear the laurel wreath. After it is no longer the creators and has been co-opted by the masses. If you know what you have done is good then you know it wasn’t done by you anyway. The mistakes are all ours, everything else belongs to someone else.

I am not religious but an atheist. So this may confuse the three of you reading this. I’m just not egotistical enough to think the good lines are mine alone.


March 24, 2012

short poem

by jhon baker


birdsong crashing into my skull



arms burned from reading in noonday.


that star buries deep into the west,

casting shadow over greening grass.

– Hoc Scripsi

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March 14, 2012


by jhon baker

and I look and think – I have not been so lazy but distracted by depression and various ideations which has led to some poetry and other rambling thoughts. This year has been a low of the past several where I have had little published and little written – even a rejection of what may be my best poem – alas! am I not a poet? am I only pretending? Is this ultramarine coloring my beard all in vain? no, I forget how subjective this field is and the whims and moods of a reader are as important as the whims and moods of the writer – or nearly so.
I hold no grudge.

I write anyway.

I am compelled by the narrator. the genius in the corner. the voice of the winds. or it could be the mania.


I prefer an easterly sun


I prefer an easterly sun before I go to bed.

I prefer a smashed finger before a project is finished.

I prefer coffee hot.

I prefer sex sweaty.

I prefer a major fourth under a sharp sixth.

I prefer to lie on my back in the gutter, looking out to the stars.




Ursa minor


these are things of dreams and sailor visions


– Hoc Scripsi


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