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August 7, 2011

Rain, thunder and a smashed pinkie fingertip

by jhon baker

Stuck outside under an umbrella

it has started to rain, a gradual build up so I don’t know how long I’ll be here.

The computer battery is dying and

the coffee is only hot for so long.

it causes slight pain to my hand to type as I’ve smashed a pinkie finger and I actually type with all ten fingers.

I can’t shut one of them off.

playing piano hurts more.

thus I am unprepared for tomorrows lesson.


my back gets a little wet but the electronics are protected.

the damn chipmunk mocks my efforts from his hole at the side of the house.

mosquitoes feeding and making me feel anemic.

the rain puts the cigarette out.

July 30, 2011

the job I hate, abhor

by jhon baker

I love my cats, kittens – so much that I want to suffocate them in loving embrace – twist their necks inside my large arms and love them to their death – this is a bit macabre.

I love them, I refuse to feed them unless there is urgency behind it. K feeds them. I clean out the litter box. the shit box. the piss box. I hate it – the smell, the shovel, the plastic bags from the grocery store, litter on the floor. I would potty train them but that was not only hard enough with my son but I mostly don’t want to sit at peace and be looked at crossly for taking too long by a fucking cat.

I also brush them and clip the nails with K’s assistance – but this I never mind – bathing them is a job best left to the professionals as they become assholes when wet – much like some people I know.


I wrote this at four am – this is what comes out mid basement catastrophe. Forgot to post it and now I am going to bed.


July 25, 2011

I got nothing

by jhon baker

As where new things happen, old things stop happening.


I got nothing.


a drum set without a spur, a poem without a line or two, a cold cup of coffee, a bathroom light fixture with a blown ballast.


but I’ve slept – yesterday/last night I slept great. this is an abnormal occurrence, an anomaly in an otherwise sleepless life.

July 21, 2011

This is the title for this post.

by jhon baker

Why do I look at my wife firstly every morning and often at night while I am awake and she is sleeping?

Because she is beautiful and I love beauty.


Enjoying hot coffee in this terrible heat and there is no inspiration except for this heat which, like rain, I nearly refuse to write about. Lately there have been a lot of really wonderful comments and I would like to thank you and tell you how humbled I am by them.


I’ve decided that my post today would be mildly erratic.


My most real and available friends are all ones I’ve met through this internet thingy. Also, it is night while I read your post and it is so muggy outside while I am trying to smoke that my glasses fog, my computer is wetting with condensation and my ukulele is warping out of tune.

(that was written two nights ago)


in 2010 I wrote a lot about death as last year there was death experienced.

such as

life ends

life ends abruptly.

the shadow ceases.

loss is registered but

life goes on,

indelicately as it


– Hoc Scripsi


July 1, 2011

this makes 4 in a year.

by jhon baker

All the raccoons seem to die in my backyard. There are now two perished which I will have to bury later today. K came in the bedroom weeping over the deaths. She is a mother and feels for the mother and children of all animals. Her compassion, sometimes hidden, has always made her beautiful.

nature has a way of knocking the wind out of you.

Ukulele’s are a blast to play.

County stickers are due to be on vehicles today – I suppose I ought to go get one or two.

I’ve no interest in the goings on of wall street thought, again, I ought.

Now I need some wood, paint and a few other things that will go unmentioned as they are interesting only to myself and voyeurs.

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