October 3, 2019

art against my love

by jhon baker
October 3, 2019

Title Card

by jhon baker
September 27, 2019

Auto Draft

by jhon baker
July 7, 2019


by jhon baker
probably contains a poem
June 15, 2019

This is some Bullshit

by jhon baker

As I was going over this blog – the writing it contains – I saw that it is pretty fucked up.
Not what I had written – what wordpress has done to it.
The older work – posted a few editor programs ago – no longer contains the proper line breaks, stanza breaks, sometimes posting the HTML at the start of everything and sometimes not.
I’ve been trying to correct this and have found it is not possible without retyping everything.
Even copy pasting the entries does not seem to work on those posts.
I may have to screen shot all my work from here on or I don’t fucking know.

stay tuned

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