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December 30, 2019


by jhon baker

June 11, 2019

in situ

by jhon baker
April 25, 2012

sun and moon

by jhon baker

never write when it rains, it always ends up about the rain so I start with the rain and end it with…

I watch my wife shave her legs and remain hidden, covered by the bathroom door.

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March 16, 2012


by jhon baker

I am waiting for the moment of inspiration to hit me while I am writing letters and sketching out my journal on a typewriter.

there is a certain dissatisfaction behind failing to get ahead of the melancholy.

I am waiting for the euphoria.

no one can break your heart so you do that little ditty for yourself.

so you break your heart and head

wish the world were different


and melting away

December 21, 2011

recent spam from my inbox

by jhon baker

presented as poetry….


Now good is an opinion

of course you went to fifth grade


just checking

but it can also be a feeling,


a way of life in a larger sense.


– Spam from my inbox


and another….


Anyone willing to take the few simple steps

that lie between them and fitness

will shortly begin to feel better,

and the improvement will reflect itself

in every facet of their existence.

– more spam from my inbox

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