Jack London on gods

by jhon baker

I haven’t been writing any poetry lately but have continued to read quite a bit – not as much as my wife but enough to satisfy me. Someday soon I’ll get back to writing but for now I thought I would share this quote from “White Fang” – by Jack London


“To man has been given the grief, often, of seeing his gods overthrown and his alters crumbling; but to the wolf and the wild dog that have come in to crouch at man’s feet, this grief has never come. Unlike man, whose gods are of the unseen and the overguessed, vapors and mists of fancy eluding the garmenture of reality, wandering wraiths of desired goodness and power, intangible outcroppings of self into the realm of spirit…”


That was all I really had – nothing much to report and I don’t really get into the repost thing but for your amusement I may repost a few older poems soon – or hell, a few newer ones I’ve not been exactly sure of. We shall see.

One Comment to “Jack London on gods”

  1. That quote from White Fang really says a lot.
    IF there really was a god, we should be able to reach out and take a bite out of his ass for the cruel, painful and deplorable things he does (or allows to happen).

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