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September 18, 2010

Book Release

by jhon baker

inviting a few hundred people to my home on Oct 9th… holy babies bathwater, If I forgot to invite anyone that is around the northern Illinois area let me know and I will amend asap.
It is going to be like an open house as I am not sure that I can cram them all into my house at once without risking smaller peoples being crushed, on the other hand I do not believe that the majority will come, they never do.

selection from the book.

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this is a dislocation
this is a
a skillful assemblage of
etceteras and
a cycle of soul drummers
and southern chicken sacrifices at
the front gate of Graceland
a loose impersonation of self
overlooking and
never sighting self
Our culture is jazz, blues
and poor elocution
a fragility of coffee house
poets and the war
together-colored and successfully
uncollected disaffected ice cream eaters
 – Hoc Scripsi
September 17, 2010


by jhon baker

I struggle under the weight of my many magazine subscriptions.

September 16, 2010

by jhon baker

Today we celebrate the death of Torquemada who ceased to be in 1498 – it may have been awhile ago but it is always good to remember the despots and tyrannical monsters.
we also mourn the death of opera star Maria Callus who, today, in 1977 went home.

September 15, 2010


by jhon baker

Disney is all paid for now, unfortunately not from the awesome royalties from my book.

I trimmed about six inches off my beard and no longer feel… well, like myself.

I no longer look like one of the three wisemen, or is it now wise people?

this is not my good side.

The doctor tells me my knee is failing and since there is an awful lot of hardware keeping my femur together it is rather difficult to get a good look at the problem via traditional methods.

this is a ramble of minor proportions while my wife makes a turkey sandwich for my lunch.

most days I wake up and wonder if I am full of shit.

September 11, 2010

chapter 10

by jhon baker

the year begins and ends in winter.

a bee lands on my middle finger, left hand,

I am allergic to bees

and winter is steadily approaching.

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